Friday, February 23, 2018

Silent Auction San Clemente Gems N' Loans Liquidation Sale

What is A Silent Auction?

What is a silent auction? we ll during a silent auction, many bids are written on a sheet of paper that is commonly placed before or next to the item. At the predetermined end of the auction, the highest listed bidder wins the item. The auction is "silent" in that, no auctioneer is selling individual items. In the auction industry, the fair market value (FMV) describes the estimated value of an item based on similar products in the market and what the buyer is willing to pay.

At Gems N’ Loans near Capistrano Beach, there will be a silent instore auction to liquidate a 2 million dollar inventory. This means everything must go. Everything from gold, silver, coins, unique jewelry and collectibles. This is a celebration and opportunity to walk away with a valuable treasures at amazing prices not normal to market value making them more than fair, often referred to as a steel.

he minimum bid increment can also impact how well an auction item performs. In most cases, it is considered a good idea to set the minimum bid increment at 10% of the starting bid. For pricier items, it may be a good idea to lower the percentage so the price won't jump so high between each bid.

The minimum starting bid you set can make all the difference for an item's performance. Be reasonable and fair when pricing your items, and don't be afraid to set the starting bid on the low side of the spectrum.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

The Best In Money And Gold

Your Pawn Shop Near San Clemente
When looking for the best pawn shop in San Clemente, one might wonder under what criteria this would fall under. While pawnshops have been known to reside in low-income neighborhoods to cater to people down on their luck, Gems N’ loans is located in a upscale neighborhood in Capistrano Beach. According to Rick Harrison, pawnshops aren’t the shady, scary places they are often made out to be by the media. Pawnshops have been unjustly vilified by the mainstream media, and so most people perceive pawnshops to be dirty and seedy. This i snot the case when shopping for the best pawn shop in San Clemente.

How They Work? Pawnshops offer collateral-based loans secured by something of value. For example, you take in something you own, and if the pawnbroker is interested, he will offer you a loan. The pawnbroker then keeps your item until you repay the loan. The loan amount will likely be a small fraction of the item’s actual value. You can sell your item to the pawnshop outright, but pawnbrokers are less enthusiastic about these transactions because loans offer much more profit potential for the pawnbroker.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Pawn and Shop San Clemente

Better Than a Thrift Shop
There are many reasons that people might choose to shop at a thrift store, and make a hobby out of finding second hand items that they can bring home. Often the items found at such a shop are often products of lesser value. Unlike a pawn shop where you can actually find high valued items for excellent prices and get the same exciting feeling of being the first to find such unique items.

When pawn shops in San Clemente offer an inventory of products and options to suit your financial needs, the options far more exceed that of a the ladder. People who need cash can take their items to a pawn shop to use a short-term collateral loan, where the pawnbroker will examine the items and decide how much cash to loan the owner. In this case, the owner will have a predetermined amount of time to pay back the loan as well as a nominal interest charge. The biggest benefit to pawning outside of finding used items for great prices is that your items of value can also offer immediate cash.

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