Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Get Cash for Gold San Clemente

Gems N' Loans is Serving San Clemente
Some people choose to send their items to buyers who advertise online or on television, however, the advantage of selling locally is that you get your money sooner at the time you receive the offer.

By bringing your gold and silver items to a precious metals buyer or coin shop, your jewelry will be tested for gold and silver content right there, finally, offering you a price based on the amount of precious metal.

Selling to the national buyers who advertise on television and the Internet is a little trickier, and send you a mailing box or envelope to use to ship your items back to them. After a few days, they make an offer and either accept it, or decline. Where if you were unaccepted by them you have wasted valuable time verses going to pawn shop in San Celemente.

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