Tuesday, October 9, 2018

What to Know About Title Loans in San Clemente California


Title loans are usually for larger amounts of money, where your vehicle is used as a tangible asset in exchange for loan assurance. While the title loan model seems similar to any other collateral loan, they typically carry higher costs than payday loans, according to a recent Pew study. In addition, there are the additional risks of losing a major asset if the debt cannot be repaid. This might leave the customer paying more in fees than the amount borrowed.

This isn't to say that thses types of can loans wouldn't work for some individuals. However, a pawn shop loan will open up alternatives on other valued items, as well as offer longer terms with better interest rates.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How to Get a Safe Fast Cash Advance Before Payday

Getting expedient cash in times of need can be challenging if the borrower is unfamiliar with the options available to them in San Clemente.

Collateral loans, are usually the safest bet when in pursuit. A collateral loan is simply borrowing money, while pledging something valuable that you already own as collateral, referring to assets that you are willing to put up to secure credit.

Loans that use tangible assets as collateral are called secured loans. The advantage of secured collateral loans is that they often have lower interest rates.

Pawn shops interest rates are only there for the time that you’ve actually borrowed the money.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How to Avoid Credit Checks on Payday Loans in San Clemente

Fixed incomes while secure, can sometimes limit a person in an emergency. Those that live check to check and for each payday, usually have already used their earnings to cover their monthly overhead. Therefore, when extra money is need in times of crisis, the only option is a savings account or a loan option.

Payday loans effectively offer you access to your pay check a few weeks early. However, the main issue with payday loans is that it can be so easy to simply roll your loan over for a second month. So even if you initially plan to pay back the loan within the first month, you might decide to give yourself some extra breathing space, and extend the loan for a second month, pushing the borrower further behind the 'Eight Ball.'

With pawn shop loans in San Clemente, the lender is not really concerned with whether you default on the loan or not, leaving your next payday untouched. Essentially you just have to be prepared for the worst case scenario in losing an item that could most likely be replaced in the future.

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Friday, September 21, 2018

New No Credit Check Payday Loans San Clemente

What constitute a risk free cash loan? After all, life doesn’t always allow for perfect financial health. When you need cash to get you through to your next payday, a pawn loan or short term loan could be a viable option when trying to makes ends meet.

The first thing the borrower needs to establish is whether they wish to have their credit affected by a typical payday loan, or whether their credit will even qualify them. The good news is that pawn shops in and around San Clemente like Gems N’ Loans are a non hassle loan institutions that don not require a credit check, nor defaulting on their loans will have any affect on your credit.

Now you are probably wondering what the difference is between the two right?

For example, payday loans are made against the borrower’s next paycheck. In return, a check is handed to the lender at the moment of the loan, and is cashed at the end of the loan term to repay the amount plus interest. Adjusting the length of the loan will typically result in higher interest rates, but is still advisable to defaulting due to credit score impact implications.

Pawn Loans however, typically have a longer period of time granted to pay back the loan, that is granted based on the collateral or item of value that is being used to secure the loan. Adjusting the payback period is up to the discretion of the lender, and is typically based on the loan amount and history with the borrower. The terms of the loan may allow for payback periods of up to  one or two months.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

San Clemente California Payday Loan Alternative

Wealthy people looking to fund new ventures are turning to their Rolexes and art collections as collateral for quick and easy cash loans from high-end pawn shops around San Clemente.

The handful of lending companies tapping into the trend let their affluent clients take quick thousand-dollar or million-dollar loans with high-end collectibles as collateral. 

That's far greater than the average loan size of $150, according to the National Pawnbrokers Association. Business owners say the way the luxury goods-backed loans are growing points less to the financial distress associated with pawn shops and more to seize money-making opportunities.
The pickup in economic growth has shifted the balance toward small business owners growing their businesses, said Jordan Tabach-Bank, CEO of Beverly Hills-based The Loan Companies.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Best Things to Pawn at a Pawnshop San Clemente

Jewelry is one of the biggest cash winners at pawnshops in San Clemente. However, jewelry varies in price, and gold is worth more than silver. Precious metals are easy to pawn because they can actually appreciate over time.

When you already have a computer and a smartphone, your tablet is an easy item for a pawnbroker to loan on. Some brands and models will earn you more cash than others.

If you didn’t already know, power tools consistently have a good resale market, often around $50 to $100 per tool. Bosch, DeWalt and Milwaukee are among the most powerful brands, and circular saws, drills, bandsaws and air compressors are popular items as well.

Rare currency like collectible American coins, silver dollars, American Eagles, proof sets, silver certificates, federal reserve notes and unique paper money can far exceed its face value with a pawnbroker.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Will Cash Loans Ever Rule the World?

For many of cash-strapped consumers, short-term loans offer the means to cover purchases or pressing bills. But these deals, typically called payday loans, also pack triple-digit interest rates, leaving the borrowers trapped in a cycle of high-cost debt as a result.

Those that have borrowed from a storefront payday lender once, will find that the lender will deduct the owed amount from borrowers bank account on his or her next payday, to pay off the loan. Collateral based loans for cash in San Clemente have become accessed from pawn shops offering lower interest rates and easier terms that wont have people chasing their tails. 

As of now money will continue to rule the world as long as those that circulate money become forced into credit debt or loan deficits. 

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